SFS Facility 3 UTE born from the union of ‘S.A Agricultores de la Vega de Valencia’ and ‘Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas’, whose social purpose is the exploitation of the Urban Solid Waste “Facility 3” located in Manises, Valencia.

Both companies have extensive experience in the management of services oriented to the citizens and the environment. Among all of them, the cleaning of public and private spaces, the integral management of waste and the operation of purifying water facilities and the sewage treatment plants stand out.

The accumulated experience, during more than one hundred years of activity, give to these two companies full technical capabilities to operate an Urban Solid Waste treatment facility of the following dimensions:

  • Treatment capacity: 350.000 tons Urban solid waste/year.
  • Total surface: 104.272 m2.
  • Installed electrical facilities: 8.000.000 W.
  • Warehouse air depuration capacity:
    • Biofilter 1: 171.000 Nm3/h.
    • Biofilter 2: 144.000 Nm3/h.
    • Biofilter 3: 228.00 Nm3/h.
  • Leaching Depuration Capacity: 2250 m3/month.