Leaching Depuration

Leaching treatment system

The leachates generated in the different process areas of the assessment complex are collected and channeled to a leachate deposit, next to the trench shed, from which they are pumped for wetting only the material in the stabilization phase of the organic fraction, and as long as it does not imply a deterioration in the quality of the final compost obtained.

The excess leachate, which cannot be recirculated to the stabilization process of the organic fraction, is purified in the leachate treatment plant located in the complex, so the permeate resulting from the purification process is subsequently distributed to different uses within of the installation, and the osmosis concentrate sent to an authorized manager.

The treatment technology used in the leachate treatment plant located in the Recovery Complex, whose maximum treatment capacity is 75 m3 / day, consists of:

  • A biological purification process with nitrification / denitrification processes (and tanks), with abatement of DQO and nitrogen.
  • A Liquid / Solid separation stage, where we separate the sludge from the mixed liquor, through a battery of ultrafiltration membranes.
  • A tertiary treatment using reverse osmosis technology for the treatment of permeate from ultrafiltration.

Once the Ultrafiltration permeate has been treated, in the reverse osmosis plant, two effluents are generated, which according to their nature have different destinations:

  • Permeate: it is pumped to the process water tank, for its subsequent internal reuse in the Complex.
  • Concentrate: given its characteristics, it is necessary to transfer it to an authorized Manager for its management as non-hazardous waste.