Reception and waste storage

As well as the rest of the buildings in the complex, it is a closed warehouse, with a combination of air extraction / air introduction, which maintains the enclosure in conditions of depression, which prevents air exits to the outside, maintaining adequate conditions in the interior atmosphere.

Given the existing traffic of entrances and exits in the building, both the entrance and the exit of vehicles, have a double lock system that prevents the uncontrolled exit of air to the outside.

This reception module is made up of the following elements:

  • Vehicle entry and exit areas, equipped with a double lock system, as indicated.
  • Area for maneuvering and positioning vehicles for unloading in the pits, of 2,306 m2.
  • Two reception pits, with a total capacity of 7,832m3, for the storage of received urban waste, with 12 discharge points.
  • 3 inclined feeders equipped with a hopper and a panzer-type vein limiting system, with a nominal capacity of 30 tons / hour, which feed each of the three process lines.
  • System for homogenizing waste and feeding the process, consisting of two 10 Tm. overhead cranes, and three 8-m3c.u. oil-hydraulic grabs.
  • Hopper for removing bulky items.
  • Two worker cabins, fully glazed to optimize the view of most of the pits.
  • Two independent discharge points for pruning and gardening waste, connected directly to the feeder of the pruning shredder.