Environmental management policy

SFS Facility 3 is an organization dedicated to the Treatment and Recovery of Solid Urban Waste.

The Management undertakes to comply with this Environmental Management Policy, whose objective is the development and continuous improvement of the Management System, acquiring a commitment to the requirements and needs of the interested parties, for the prevention of pollution and compliance with the current environmental legislation.

This commitment is based on the following guidelines:

  • Establish and develop an Environmental Management System, according to ISO 14001, complying with the applicable legal regulations.
  • Plan objectives, goals and programs providing the necessary resources, monitoring, with indicators.
  • Understand the needs and expectations of stakeholders, providing improvements.
  • Control suppliers and / or subcontractors, by evaluating them and ensuring that they will comply with the applicable regulations on prevention and the environment.
  • Continuously training to the employees, improving their skills.
  • Comply with the protection of the health and integrity of workers, evaluating the occupational risks they are exposed to.
  • Preserving the environment and its surroundings, making staff aware of good environmental practices, complying with regulations on waste management, atmospheric emissions and noise pollution.

The SFS Facility 3 Management undertakes to review the Environmental Management Policy, ensuring that all commitments are consistent with the company’s objectives, as well as with
the expectations and needs of the interested parties.

January 2020