Measures taken against the COVID-19

Given the current emergency situation created by the COVID-19 virus pandemic, the UTE SFS Facility 3 has implemented a series of containment measures necessary to ensure the continuity of the public service provided in its entirety, protecting the health of all the people who are part of this company, as well as all the distributors, suppliers and collaborators in the company.

As measures adopted by the company, the following stand out:

  • Making available to the employees of the UTE, the individual protection systems and sanitizing measures.
  • Follow-up of the ministry’s instruction to not open bags in RSU material recovery tasks.
  • Explaining the Protocol of prevention against COVID-19 to workers.
  • Training / informative speech to workers of all production shifts and the maintenance department.
  • Placement of informative posters about the hygiene procedure for COVID-19 in the changing room and office building.
  • Office staff provide their services, as far as possible, by teleworking.
  • Reduction of visits and external collaborators to offices and other facilities.
  • Rental of several prefabricated modules to expand the dining room and changing rooms.

We trust that the rigorous and careful application of these measures will allow us to develop, with total security, the activity of the UTE, and providing 100% effective service.